About Us

Look.ie is an online storefront and marketplace for creative professionals and serious amateurs. Content creators offer, creative assets and services for sale, rent or hire on a personalised, public, and online portfolio. Media buyers can search for content and services by keyword tags and, uniquely, by the geographic location contained within the content. Then, the buyers can either buy or rent the content or commission the content creator.

Look.ie is a proud member of the shared economy. A hybrid market model which refers to peer-to-peer-based sharing of access to goods and services coordinated through community-based online services.

Look.ie, is made with love, in Ireland. Look.ie was founded by Bazil Cromer and Maria O’Connor in January 2016. We spoke to Trevor Koen from the Imperic agency, who delivered our exact vision.

Maria had terrabytes of photos in her hard drives and Bazil decided that the world needed to see them. We then both realised that we had numerous friends who were photographers and videographers, and we asked them to contribute. Our aim is to provide you with a diverse stock of Irish content. Some of our favourite images appear on http://www.lookmedia.ie

We have lots of plans. Please join us on the journey to showcase Ireland.

If you would like to contribute your content please contact bazil@look.ie