Terms & Conditions

Look.ie is an online storefront and marketplace for creative professionals and serious amateurs. Content creators offer, creative assets and services for sale, rent or hire on a personalised, public, and online portfolio. Media buyers can search for content and services by keyword tags and, uniquely, by the geographic location contained within the content. Then, the buyers can either buy or rent the content or commission the content creator.

Look.ie is a proud member of the shared economy. A hybrid market model which refers to peer-to-peer-based sharing of access to goods and services coordinated through community-based online services.

Content Producers must own their own stock. For content that was commercially produced, you need to get permission from your client to use the footage. Look.ie will not be responsible for the ownership of the content and will remove any user that violates client material.

Look.ie is a site for serious amateurs and professional content producers. We are not here to sell junk. As a user your quality will be monitored and hosting access restricted if you start uploading I-phone or Android quality imagery.

Look.ie ensures the content producer has the ability to correctly licence all of their material. We provide the platform, the hosting and the marketing. Look.ie simply takes a transaction fee.

Look.ie reserves the right to terminate an account.

Look.ie reserves the right to remove any images that are deemed substandard or inappropriate.

Content producers have the ability to  upload an unlimited amount of material. We provide a watermark so that the image cannot be copied without prior purchase.

Content Producers are responsible for their material. Copyright, Image rights, clearance certs are all the responsibility of the content producer. Look.ie does not own or produce photography, we simply provide the software to place it all together.

Licensors are responsible for providing the exact type of license required at the time of purchase. Look.ie is not responsible for any licensor misusing material and can only direct a content producer to instruct their solicitor in the case of mis-use of material.

Licensors must take appropriate action to protect purchased images. Theft of imagery from the licensor is not the responsibility of Look.ie

Content Creators take a 75% commission fee from each item of content sold. Content Creators set the price of their own material. Look.ie are not responsible for the sales of the content producer.

Look.ie will be providing a premium search service which will come at a higher % commission.

Look.ie will provide a “hire me” button. Look.ie take a 10% booking commission. The contract between the content provider and licensor is not the responsibility of Look.ie

Look.ie charges 23% VAT or in the case of change, whatever the current VAT Rate is. Look.ie will retain the entire VAT Amount for the Revenue Commissioners in the charge where a producer does not have a valid VAT number. In the case of overseas purchases within the EU, purchasers will have to provide their VAT number in order to get VAT exemption. The price listed includes VAT. If the content producers sell for €100, The price is actually €81.30 + 23%.. Take away the 25% commission fee and the content producer receives €60.97

Look.ie is a Revenue compliant, Irish Resident company and will provide the revenue commissioner with open book material. Look.ie are not responsible for non compliance on behalf of content producers.

Look.ie are constantly building new products and will endeavour minimal disruption of service.

Look.ie is not responsible for loss of service due to Server issues.

Look.ie has the sole right to determine the quality and ethical use of content. Any adult pornography or child pornography will be removed and immediately reported, alongside the IP address, payment details and any other pertinent information to the Garda.

Content Creators receive payment every Wednesday at 12pm GMT.

Look.ie is wholly owned by Syzygy Investments LTD.